We are a Project and Development Management firm with a fresh perspective. While our business cards might read ‘project manager,’ we go by many titles – lateral thinker, planner, producer, futurist, diplomat and even choreographer.


Let’s Tango

At Tango, our name is a statement of enthusiasm. We’re always looking forward – with you and for you. New players, materials, and emerging tech mean change is the only constant. And we’re cosy with change. So let us be your lead as we follow your vision. Let’s move forward together. Let’s Tango.

Tango ensures moving parts stay connected. We do so by carefully managing the balancing act between all key stakeholders to deliver a project flawlessly, from start to finish. It’s a to and fro that can often last more than a year – so it pays to have a partner that’s fit to perform.

As the young guns of the industry, we’re changing the status quo with a smoother and more efficient way of working. Where the old guard is stiff and slow to move, we’re agile and hands on. On or off-site, we ensure every detail is on point. And we always keep you updated.

As your trusted partner, we act independently to handle feasibility, strategy, buildability, and liaise with quantity surveyors, banks, agents, and contractors on your behalf. And we extend ourselves to get the job done right. On time, and budget.

Your trusted partner for the life of the project.

Tango works hand-in-hand with the tailored project team, ensuring the moving parts of each project flow in rhythm.

Acting completely independent of any consultant, agent or builder, we act as your representative throughout the process, our approach is based on a proven administrative framework designed to stop risks in their tracks.

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Tango Projects - Barclay Dixon

Barclay Dixon

Barclay has a breadth of international experience across high-end commercial and retail developments. Coupled with a stint as a Senior Project Manager at Myer where he completed major refurbishments and new stores, he’s more than ready to Tango. He might look good on paper, but it’s Barclay’s practical experience growing up on a farm that places him in the best stead. His strong work ethic and resilience are clear, qualities he has instilled into the company’s culture. And he shares the same vision for Tango as his partner, Ed: great people providing excellent project management and creating an enjoyable experience in a perennially stressful industry. The bell tolls for the brave. In this case, it’s a kettle bell – as Barclay can often be found early morning keeping fit (largely in order to keep up with his little boy).

Tango Projects - Edward Waters

Edward Waters

With a Bachelor of Construction Management (RMIT) and 15 years’ experience across Residential and Commercial Development, Ed is perfectly placed to manage sizeable projects for Tango’s large-scale clients. Ever the people person, Tango represents his desire to bring business acumen together with a more amenable and human-centric way of working. Ed approaches every job with ‘eyes wide open’, mitigating project risks and delivering critical advice on buildability, value management and procurement strategy. And he has been known to work well past the time of ‘shut-eye’ to get the job done (it’s a recurring theme, with Ed’s young children ensuring he won’t be getting much sleep anytime soon). Impressively, you’ll never see him without a smile.

DIRECTOR – Tango Property Group

Luke Battley

Tango’s development arm; Tango Property Group is directed by Luke Battley who possesses over 16 years property development, transaction and investment experience across a range of real estate asset classes. He has held executive leadership roles in public and private companies with a proven ability to manage complex acquisitions, joint venture structures and large scale developments in excess of $500M in value. His key strength is his creative approach to deal structuring to generate win-win outcomes for all stakeholders. Luke holds a Masters of Applied Finance, Bachelor of Property & Construction (with Honours) and Bachelor of Planning & Design.

Tango Projects - Steve Grayson
General Manager

Steve Grayson

With over 25 years’ experience, Steve is our safe pair of hands. A background in delivering Target stores across the country saw him in roles such as National Property Manager, Operations Manager and Specialty Stores Project Manager. Needless to say, his skills are well honed. Steve’s gift is being able to spot something out of square at ten paces. Sometimes eleven. His ability to manage a project by ensuring there’s liquid movement between all parties is second to none. And we’re not just talking about the concrete pour. In short, Steve Grayson guarantees that there are, pardon the pun, no ‘Gray’ areas. When Steve’s not spotting holes on projects, he’s putting holes on the golf course, or spending quality time with his family.

We’ve done the legwork across Australia, Now the world’s at our feet.

Tango has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

With experience dealing with councils and regulatory bodies in most states, we’re your partner to deliver any project with complete confidence. At Tango, nothing’s a stretch. In fact, we have welcomed the opportunity to apply our unique and dynamic way of working to international projects. So let us be your lead as we follow your vision. Let’s move forward together. Let’s Tango.


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