23 April 2021

Roughin It Challenge

Roughin It Challenge

Our client, Launch Housing created a great initiative to help understand what it’s like to be homeless, importantly educating us as to why most people might be homeless – cutting through the negative stigmatism and create an acute awareness in our community to help us work through this problem.

It wasn’t an easy challenge and one which was very confronting. Speclial mentions to Mel and Michael who were hard core in their approach, furthermore a great impact statement of Mel’s can be seen here…

On top of the awareness and the experience, TANGO as a group managed to raise over $5,000 with the funds going directly to support those doing it tough on the streets. It’s our duty to find more empathy in this space, support the homeless better and find new ways of helping restore their lives.

Less than $10 a day!!! Sleeping rough outside in almost 0 degree temperatures…on the ground! 1 bag of clothes for 3 days

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