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Exciting times ahead for Tango Projects.
Great new office in Brisbane.
Check out our new location
Suite 2. 162 Petrie Terrace. QLD. 4000. AUSTRALIA. 

Brisbane. We Have Landed.

Today our team took time out to learn from the inspirational Emma Murray @highperformancemindfulness

We learnt how to keep focused, positive and productive in today’s challenging environment.

Is lockdown taking its toll on you?

Tango Projects are the official Project Managers on this multi-million dollar project that will cement Harrup Park as the premier regional cricket venue in Australia.

Once the project is complete, it will be capable of hosting 1st Class International cricket and regular fixture AFL matches. 

Tango are proud to be working alongside Paynters Cox Architects Tract Consultants Cardno STP Consultants and @MattCielens and have Harrup Park as the client.
This exciting project forms part of the Mackay / Whitsunday Regional Recovery Action Plan, and will focus community outcomes, local procurement and jobs.
If you want to see more, head to

Our QLD Tango Team were very excited to attend the official Sod turning of the Great Barrier Reef Arena in Mackay Queensland recently.

This year, given the current world we live in, we need to make time in our DAILY routines to check in with our friends, family, colleagues and loved ones to ask ‘are you REALLY ok?’

Our team at Tango decided to run a ‘Walk & Talk’ virtual team meeting in recognition of R U OK?Day …….. Making sure our team members are OK, taking time away from the screen, getting outdoors, fresh air, vitamin D, endorphins and breaking the routine.

Are they really OK? Ask them today. Your conversation could change a life.

Today is R U OK?Day

As part of the shift in the way we operate, TANGO has created THE HUB! As part of our drive to become a fitter and healthier organisation, each staff member will lead a month of activities targeted at making sure we are all leaders and can motivate others, but importantly whilst having some fun.

Who knows what Callum has planned for May, but Ed’s Walk Club for April was a hit. Many steps were counted and world records set, but worst shorts definitely went to Ed. And we were reminded regularly by Ed…”What happens in Walk Club, STAYS in Walk Club!”


Our client, Launch Housing created a great initiative to help understand what it’s like to be homeless, importantly educating us as to why most people might be homeless – cutting through the negative stigmatism and create an acute awareness in our community to help us work through this problem.

It wasn’t an easy challenge and one which was very confronting. Speclial mentions to Mel and Michael who were hard core in their approach, furthermore a great impact statement of Mel’s can be seen here…

On top of the awareness and the experience, TANGO as a group managed to raise over $5,000 with the funds going directly to support those doing it tough on the streets. It’s our duty to find more empathy in this space, support the homeless better and find new ways of helping restore their lives.

Less than $10 a day!!! Sleeping rough outside in almost 0 degree temperatures…on the ground! 1 bag of clothes for 3 days

Roughin It Challenge

TANGO is now Carbon Neutral. Whilst this is a proud moment, the work is certainly not done, as we are targeting to reduce our consumption significantly year upon year, but also become carbon positive by planting trees.

Being Carbon Neutral directly feeds into one of our Values – Environmentally sustainable yet not impractical. Now to influence others!

Carbon Neutral…

Was held in March and was another success. The 2 days was spent honing in on our EQ skills with facilitator Derek (AIM) and the Executive team presenting their outlook and focus for 2021 and beyond.

Our Directors then congratulated the team on their response to our team focus on RESILIENCE during 2020 and remembered key learnings. From here they presented the TANGO road map, adapted the culture, health and wellbeing for post COVID operations.

Big thanks to all round weapon Lisa for organising such a successful couple of days and small shout out to local boy Barclay, who won the Grand Prix Go Carting on the Phillip Island Track…And I think a shout out to Mel for winning the best shot gun shot????

Phillip Island Conference 2021