Project Management

We’re here to make sure everything stays in check and in step with timelines and budgets, to achieve the best performance from all involved.

Planning and other legislative requirements are identified early, design options are considered and decisions are taken progressively so that nothing is overlooked.

We take the lead and control every aspect from project scoping to design and design development, documentation and pre-contract, construction and post-construction stages. This may include:

  • Seeking and benchmarking fee proposals and engaging the appropriate consultants including an Architect, Services Engineer, Building Surveyor, Town Planner etc.
  • Coordinating the town planning application, tender documentation, construction documentation, building permits, occupancy permits and licensing to meet the best and most cost-effective layouts.
  • Fast-tracking project timelines and conveying the implications of failing to meet deadlines.
  • Setting/tracking against current budget reporting.
  • Delivering constant value management during the design phase by focusing on reducing costs without compromising quality.
  • Minimising variations and delivering the intended design scope.
  • Reporting to ensure key decisions are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Planning and agreeing on project delivery with contractors.
  • Selecting reputable, suitable builders through a competitive tender process.
  • Managing the builder to deliver to current specifications and standard details. This includes:
    • Coordinating a suitable building contract.
    • Managing all stakeholders.
    • Generating a defects inspection list issued by relevant consultants.

Your appointed Superintendent will:

  • Following the formal appointment of the contractor by the Project Manager, Tango will perform the role of the Principal’s Representative and Superintendent.
  • Review and approve finalisation of design and documentation in accordance with the project requirements.
  • Attend site as required and attend meetings with Lessor/ Designers/Head contractors.
  • Manage time, quality control and safety.
  • Manage variation process with Contractors and Cost Planners.
  • Assess progress claims with Cost Planner and arrange payment as per contract.

Tango Projects offers Independent Program Management as a standalone service if required.