Development Management

Communication is our foundation.

Development Management is the vital first step. And Tango is well versed to determine the feasibility of your project, before you invest valuable equity and time. If we deem the project to be fit and sound, we’ll then help you proceed with confidence.

We change our style of services based on the size of the project, so you can stay agile; allowing things to move fluidly while minimising costs. When a project is relatively small, we apply resources that may be sourced and managed by the various parties themselves. As the scale and value of the project increases, we input transactional, legal, design and planning details.

Our Development Management services encompass:

  • Identifying investment opportunities and sites.
  • Preparing feasibility studies.
  • Developing a master project delivery plan.
  • Site acquisition.

Removing theatrics, suspense and uncertainty.

Tango is here to lead your project through every step of development and make sure no one steps on each other’s toes.

We understand that a great partnership means give and take. So right from the initial concept through to completion, Tango engages in a carefully orchestrated performance. This continues through to after the project has been completed. Our services also include:

  • Commercial analysis and risk assessments.
  • Providing property development advice.
  • Preparing the implementation of options and strategies.
  • Planning and authority approvals.
  • Managing all design from concept to completion in line with the feasibility.
  • Sales and marketing coordination.
  • Settlement management and coordinating project finalisation.